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Electric Pencil Sharpener, 120V US Plug, Auto Stop for 6-12mm No.2/Colored Pencils-PS91-94

Electric Pencil Sharpener, 120V US Plug, Auto Stop for 6-12mm No.2/Colored Pencils-PS91-94

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AFMAT Electric Pencil Sharpener, Pencil Sharpener for Colored Pencils, Auto Stop, Super Sharp & Fast, Electric Pencil Sharpener Plug in for 6-12mm No.2/Colored Pencils/Office/Home (Note this comes with 120V US Plug)

【FAST PENCIL SHARPENER EVER】With strong motor, this AFMAT electric pencil sharpener can sharpen a new pencil in 5 seconds, and a used pencil in 3 seconds. If you are fed up with those pencil sharpeners which take forever to sharpen a pencil, add this colored pencil sharpener into cart. You can save a lot of time to do other work.
【COLORED PENCIL SHARPENER FOR LARGE PENCILS】If you are looking for a pencil sharpener that can sharpen your standard and large size pencils, this electric pencil sharpener will be all that you need. It can sharpen almost all 6-12mm pencils, such as No.2 pencils, colored pencils, and even hard charcoal pencils.
【AUTO STOP / NO OVER SHARPENING】 This electric pencil sharpener will stop sharpening automatically when the pencil is sharpened well, which really saves pencil. Th broken leads will be ejected from the blade automatically. The top open lid and large capacity shavings box make it easier to clean the shavings and never mess up your desk or floor.
【HEAVY DUTY PENCIL SHARPENER WITH 2 PENCIL NIBS】With strong and durable helical blade, this AFMAT pencil sharpener can sharpen over 8000 times. With modern design, the helical blade can be replaced easily! This electric sharpener has 2 sharpness settings: blunt and sharp. If you are an artist, you may need a really sharp point. If you buy this sharpener for your kids, you can adjust the setting to a blunt point.
【12 MONTH WARRANTY GUARANTEE】Try it today with the security of our 365-Day (1 year ) warranty guarantee and 60 days free return policy. If there is anything that you are not satisfied with, we’ll refund you every cent, including the tax. Any questions, feel free to contact us through Amazon.

There are four colors for your choose.

PS91 Grey
PS92 Black
PS93 Blue
PS94 Green

Artist Pencil Sharpener
How to Use:
Plug the sharpener into a 120V outlet. (US Plug)
Select pencil nib: blunt and sharp.
Insert pencil in and press it down with little pressure. It will start to work automatically. Keep holding the pencil while sharpening.
The sharpener will auto stop when the pencil is well sharpened.
(No built in battery, just plug in and use; It works at full speed every second you use it.)

Solution for jam of blade:
If the lead is broken and jams the blade, insert a HARD pencil (e.g. a 2B pencil) and press it down with 2KG pressure. The lead will be ejected.

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