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Long Point Pencil Sharpener for 6-12mm Pencils-PSA6

Long Point Pencil Sharpener for 6-12mm Pencils-PSA6

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AFMAT Long Point Pencil Sharpener - Premium Artist Pencil Sharpener Electric - Labor-Saving Fast Pencil Sharpener for Artist - Plug in Auto Stop Pencil Sharpener Long Point - Fit for 6-12mm Pencils


  • 【Super Long Point】This long point pencil sharpener sharpens a pencil to a super long tip up to 17mm for covering more and shading in less time, and for lasting longer than the standard short point per shaving as it stays sharper longer. Being long yet durable at the tip so you won’t be focused on breaking leads and resharpening, such that your expensive colored pencils can last. Note: Thicker leads will leave such long point, standard NO.2 pencils don’t have such long points.
  • 【2 Sharpness Options: Sharp & Blunt】With the sharpness adjuster electric pencil sharpener, you can vary sharpness now: Sharp and blunt. The sharp setting helps get some of the finest detail into your work, and the blunt for rough sketches or writings, which accommodates the need of different needs and scenarios like studio, classroom, office and home. Charged by AC adapter(included), which has strong and consistent power for constant student use.
  • 【Heavy-duty Helical Blade】The heavy-duty helical blade is strong enough to withstand consecutive use and to outlast all other heavy duty electric pencil sharpeners as it is made of high-strength stainless steel and can sharpen 3000 times. The precisely cut blade barely encounters a lead breakage provided that you don’t pop in a too soft pencil. If a lead breaks, insert a HARD pencil and press it down with 2KG pressure, the broken lead will be ejected effortlessly.
  • 【Fit for φ6-12mm Pencils】Get this long point pencil sharpener for artists that takes both the small and the large pencils(φ6-12mm), almost every pencil fits in it perfectly: Artists' pencils, standard NO.2 pencils, and nearly anything around you. Auto sharpen and auto stop when it finishes off a point, no over sharpening any longer. The labour-saving design requires a gentle downward pressure on the pencil while sharpening, not too much hand pressure like most that hurts.
  • 【Large Shavings Box】This afmat long point pencil sharpener shavings box is extra large and you don’t have to empty it every couple of pencils, but just take your time sharpening. The transparent shavings box tells when it’s full, and opens easily for emptying without a mess. Safety design built in, the sharpener won’t sharpen once the shavings box is removed or not well installed in the interest of children’s safety.


Power Supply: Only AC power

Input: 100-240V 50/60Hz 0.6A

Output: 12-1.4A

Pencil Diameter: 6-12mm wooden pencils and colored pencils

Nib Length: 8-17mm

2Pencil Nib Options:Sharp and blunt

Sharpening Time: 5-8s

Helical Blade Life: 3000 sharpening times

Cable Length: 4.92ft

Suitable pencil size and type:

6-12mm wooden pencils, colored pencils, most charcoal pencils(not soft charcoal).

Not suitable for: crayon, chalk, softer pencils above 10B.

What You'll Get:

1 x Long Point Pencil Sharpener

1 x Power Adapter

1 x User Manual

Kindly Reminder:

It is not recommended to sharpen the SOFT CORE pencils. If you want to have a try, please take out the pencil a few times while sharpening to check whether the pencil is sharpened well. Otherwise it may cause broken lead.

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