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Electric Stapler, Heavy Duty Electric Stapler Desktop-ES02

Electric Stapler, Heavy Duty Electric Stapler Desktop-ES02

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Electric Stapler, Heavy Duty Electric Stapler Desktop, 25 Sheets, AC or Battery Powered Automatic Stapler with 1000 Staples, with Reload Reminder & Release Button,Blue


【Can Load TWO Full Strips of Staples】Unlike other electric stapler that only takes half to one strip of staples, which is a pain in the neck since you spend more time refilling and being interrupted over and over, AFMAT stapler can fit 2 strips (210 staples ) at a time and consecutively staple far longer than the average. Red indicator will turn on telling you time to reload if there is no enough left. A simple press on the release button will pop out the tray, leaving reloading incredibly easy.
【Automatically and Instantly Stapling】This stapler automatic version is a great alternative to manual stapler, and the best among electric staplers. Just insert papers deeply enough to pressurize the trigger, it will staple automatically, no more sore hand from banging down. It staples very fast, stapling stacks of files lasts an instant! Great for teachers with lots of paperwork, students with homework assignments, artists, and everybody in busy office or on a daily basis.
【25-Sheet Capacity】Staple up to 25 sheets with 26/6 staples,or 20 sheets with 24/6 staples, using 80 gsm paper. This little workhorse will never give a lick of jams, though it staples a stack much bigger than the ordinary. This desk stapler is super powerful, no more prying bent staples out of the papers and re-stapling. In case you excessively overload and it sticks, press the release button to eject the tray to remove the jammed things. Later put the tray back until it clicks into place.
【Dual Power Supply】Powered either by 4 AA batteries or AC adaptor. Serve as a cordless stapler by battery while travelling or a desk stapler in office, school, studio, etc. Compared with most other stapler small or large, which seem great at first but get weaker later on and are able to staple through fewer pages till down to zero after a very short period, this electronic stapler is solidly built, heavy duty and more durable with an extended longevity high up to 10000 stapling times.
【Adjustable Stapling Distance】Push the side button to adjust how far you want to have the staple located, 10 adjustments available for your different stapling projects. This office stapler staples the fastest, but not disruptive as other brands in the slightest, instead, in a way much lower pitched and more acceptable. More surprisingly, the process of every stapling only lasts an instant, which is one of the differences from other large stapler that staples slowly yet runs loud as hell.


Item Name: AFMAT Automatic Electric Staplers for Desk or On-the-go
Dual Power Source: Power Adapter (Input: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz; Output: DC 7.2V)/ 4 x AA Batteries (Not included)
Product Dimension: 7.36 x 2.36 x 3.15in (WxDxH)
Weight: 1.03lb
Capacity: 20 sheets if 24/6 staples used; 25 sheets if 26/6 staples used
Ambient Temperature: -18℃ to 49℃

How to use the Automatic Staplers
1. Connect to power: Either install 4 AA 1.5V batteries or plug it into a wall socket/power strip.
2. Load staples: Press the release button to eject the staple tray, load staples and push the tray back into its place with a crisp “click” sound.
3. Staple sheets: As soon as papers are loaded there it will staple them automatically and finish stapling instantly.
Stapling Capacity: This high-capacity stapler can staple up to 25 sheets with 26/6 staples, and 20 sheets with 24/6 staples, using 80 gsm paper.

Attention Please:
1. This heavy-duty stapler supports 24/6 or 26/6 staples only.
2. Do not mix new and used batteries together. Do not combine alkaline with standard or rechargeable batteries.

Package Includes:
1 x Auto Stapler
1 x Power Adapter
1 x Staple Remover
1 x A box of staples (1000pcs staples in total)

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