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Auto Stop Electric Pencil Sharpener for Colored Pencils (6-8mm) with Adapter Black-PS74

Auto Stop Electric Pencil Sharpener for Colored Pencils (6-8mm) with Adapter Black-PS74

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Auto Stop Electric Pencil Sharpener for Colored Pencils (6-8mm) 3 Settings, Portable Fast Pencil Sharpener for Kids, AC/USB/AA Battery Operated, with Adapter, Black-PS74

【FAST ELECTRIC PENCIL SHARPENER】: With a premium and durable helical steel blade, this electrical pencil sharpener sharpens 4000 times without wearing out. It sharpens every pencil to the perfect point quickly and evenly, standing out among similar personal pencil sharpeners. This battery pencil sharpener is an excellent choice for students, teachers, kids as well as artists and professionals to use it in school, office, home and art classroom.

【3 PEN POINT MODES】: There are 3 sharpness options available: Blunt, Medium, Sharp. Just adjust the side slide switch to choose the type of point you prefer for your colored, graphite, No.2 pencils and art-grade wooden pencils. A professional pencil sharpener for better performance.

【AUTO START & AUTO STOP】: This electric classroom pencil sharpener will start working when you insert a pencil and apply a little pressure. When the pencil is sharpened, the sharpener will stop working automatically. No more wasting of pencils. Moreover, if broken leads get stuck in the blade, just insert a No. 2 pencil and press it down with 2KG force. The broken leads will be excluded easily.

【SAFE PENCIL SHARPENER FOR COLORED PENCILS】:This small but powerful pencil sharpener will stop working if the shavings box is open. It prevents kids from inserting their fingers into the hole, which makes it an ideal choice for young kids. Great gift for your loved ones.

【100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED】: Powered by 4 x AA batteries ( not included), an AC adapter or a USB cable. Take it anywhere when you’re traveling due to its compact and lightweight design. It performs better with AC adapter, but each way can give you a smooth cut quietly and quickly. We have 12-month warranty guarantee. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at

Electric Pencil Sharpener with Auto Stop Feature
Please install 4 AA batteries or plug the pencil sharpener into a 120 V wall socket or power strip.
Be sure that shavings box of the pencil sharpener is closed before using.
Insert a pencil and press it down with a little pressure, it starts to work automatically. Hold the pencil while sharpening.
Take out the pencil when the motor auto stops at a perfect point.
Extra Notes
✔This pencil sharpener is suitable for 6-8 mm wooden/colored pencils. Do not try to sharpen crayons, chalk or soft charcoal pencils because they will clog the cutter.

✔Please empty the shavings bin regularly. The pencil sharpener will not operate properly when it is full.

Warm Tips
✔To avoid injury from sharpener, children should operate it under the guidance of adults for correct usage.
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