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White Board Paper-No Ghost-Large Size 4x8 FT-D03 (USA warehouse Only)

White Board Paper-No Ghost-Large Size 4x8 FT-D03 (USA warehouse Only)

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Whiteboard Wallpaper, White Board Stickers, Dry Erase Paper, Peel and Stick White Erase Boards for Wall/Table/Doors/Glass/Fridge, 8 x 4 ft/96 x 48 inches, 9 Dry Erase Markers


  • 【Large Dry Erase Whiteboard Stickers】Each roll of this whiteboard paper for the wall measures 8*4 ft (L*W). Made of thicker and expensive PET material and strong adhesive, the whiteboard wall decal won't fall off easily. Since the dry erase paper has a very strong adhesive, it may damage your wall when you remove it after some time. We suggest you use a hairdryer to heat up the adhesive for 2 to 3 minutes and then peel off the paper from a corner slowly.
    【No Residue After 2 Months】The marking on the dry-erase surface is super easy to remove without any residue even after 2 months due to the premium PET material. This whiteboard film is a perfect substitute for clumsy whiteboards which take much space, cost much, and become ghosting after a long time of use.
    【Peel and Stick Dry Erase Sticker】Simply peel off the backing paper from one corner and stick to any clean and smooth surface. To apply the entire dry erase wall decal, we suggest two people work together and use a soft cloth or a scraper to avoid wrinkles and bubbles.
    【Multi-functional Dry Erase Paper】Use it as a traditional whiteboard or a projector curtain wall, it can be put on an office desk to start a brainstorm. Moreover, it can be cut into small whiteboard sheets to stick on students' desks.
    【9 High-Quality White Board Markers】This whiteboard sticker comes with 9 free markers with the longest writing distance of 1500 meters, 2 pieces of a soft cloth, and 2 self-adhesive hooks to hang the cloth.

This whiteboard paper is an upgraded version. Even if you leave the markings for 60 days, you can clean the paper without any residue.
Perfect for use on any smooth, plain, and flat surface including painted walls, windows, mirrors, countertops, and wooden doors EXCEPT Powder Coated Wall and Irregular Surface such as a textured wall, however, a pre-test is recommended. You can cut a small piece of sticker and try it on the surface.
To use the dry erase wallpaper, peel off the backing paper from a corner and stick to a smooth surface. Use a soft cloth to squeeze the air bubbles out and flatten the surface after the work.
We offer 9 high-quality whiteboard makers together with the whiteboard stickers.

They have 2-3 mm fine tips.
The ink is environmental and easy to clean.
The writing distance is 1500 meters!
To use the markers for the first time, please press the tip 2-3 times and wait for 2 minutes until the ink comes out.

Mounting Type: Wall Mount
Material: PET
Item Dimension: 8*4 ft (L*W)
Package Includes:
1 x Dry erase paper (8*4 ft)
9 x Dry erase markers (1500m writing distance per marker)
2 x Scrapers
8 x Fine tip nails
2 x Soft cloth
2 x Self-stick hook(Used to hang the cloth)

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