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Compressed Air Duster & Small Vacuum Cleaner 2-in-1-AD08

Compressed Air Duster & Small Vacuum Cleaner 2-in-1-AD08

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Compressed Air Duster & Small Vacuum Cleaner 2-in-1, PC Air Duster Electric, USB Rechargeable Compressed Air Spray Cleaner, Portable Air Blower and Mini Vacuum Cleaner for Keyboard/Computer/Car Seat


【High Power Compressed Air Duster】This is an upgraded version of pc duster. Adopted to the newest hurricane super motor, its rotating speed increased to 60,000 RPM, which is twice that of the previous electric duster. In blower mode, it produces a powerful thrust of air at almost 10 levels of strong gale (28m/s). In vacuum mode, its suction reaches 8KPa. This advanced AFMAT air duster and vacuum cleaner can deeply clean microscopic dust.
【Air Blower & Mini Vacuum 2-in-1】Addoped to advanced 2-in-1 technology of blowing and suction. This air duster is really helpful for you to not only blow the dust away but also to suck them in, keeping the surface free of dirt. This air duster is suitable for cleaning computers, keyboards, cameras, electronic instruments, electronic components, car seats and interiors,s and so on.
【Rechargeable Computer Keyboard Electronics Cleaner】This electric air duster comes with 6000mAh rechargeable batteries, offering you with 10W fast charging facility. It can be fully charged within only 3 hours, saving ample time. Even in a high output state, this compressed air duster can operate for up to 30 minutes.
【No More Compressed Air Can】This AFMAT air duster is really a great replacement for compressed air can. Firstly, this air duster is reusable and more environmentally friendly. Secondly, this air duster can be used thousands of times, resulting in saving a lot of money on compressed air cans. Third, compressed air can contains water vapor, which is not suitable for some Electronic instruments.
【Portable & Multipurpose】Since this air dust is cordless and compact, you can carry it anywhere for multipurpose cleaning. Portable mini vacuum cleaner & air blower for car, computer, keyboard, medical devices, electronics, pet hair ...... etc. This air duster comes with a dual-mode brush nozzle. If your device is stuck with stubborn dust, not cleanable easily, this AFMAT air duster can efficiently serve the purpose instantly.

Want a clean and neat space, but do have no way to start with the utter chaos?

AFMAT Blower & Vacuum 2-in-1 Cleaner is right here to exactly help you out! Mostly, either mode can thoroughly clean all the messes; For those hard-to-reach corners, blow first and then suck, the true 8kpa suction force and hurricane-blowing strength won't let you down in any cleaning job anywhere or for any device! The rechargeable battery of 6000mAh built-in, unlike the ones advertised 6000mAh, we made it true, not just alleged! Easy-to-access USB power enables you to charge it anywhere and use it with cordless convenience! Portable size, hold it as a handy torch in your hand, and clean your space or appliances with a couple of seconds!

Keep Anywhere and Any Device Clean & Tidy!

Instant cleaning! No repeated stroke!
True 8kpa suction force
Hurricane blowing force
Rechargeable 6000mAh battery
Easy-to-access USB power
Cordless use
Portable design

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