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Cat Water Fountains, 3 liters/100 ounces (about 2.9 liters)

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  • [Whisper Silent Fountain] Our pet fountain is proud of its ultra-quiet pump. Hardly any noise is generated. Compared with other pet fountains, our cat fountain is a great choice for light sleepers. You can even put the water dispenser in the bedroom. Note: Please clean the water pump every 2 weeks to prevent dog hair/debris that may block the water pump and cause malfunctions. If the cat water dispenser stops operating after a few months, please check the troubleshooting and maintenance videos.
  • [Cat fountain with dual filtration system] In order to ensure that your cats and dogs always have clean drinking water, we have chosen a food-grade filter composed of polypropylene cotton layer and coconut shell activated carbon, which can eliminate 99% of impurities. This cat fountain is BPA-free, durable and easy to operate and clean. Please rinse the cat fountain filter before use and replace it every 3-4 weeks.
  • [3 liter large-capacity pet fountain] The water capacity of 3 liters/104 ounces (approximately 2.9 liters) is very suitable for small and medium-sized pets. The large water tank can be used for 2 weeks. When you are on a business trip, don’t worry about pet drinking water. ​ Please note that if the water level is lower than 650 ml, the pet fountain cannot be used.
  • [2 modes cat water dispenser] This pet fountain has 2 modes: flower waterfall and gentle fountain-each mode can meet the needs of various pets. Free-falling streams and bright colors attract pets to drink more water! The circulatory system helps provide healthy and sanitary water for your beloved pets! ​
  • [Pet fountain with LED light] When the water is less than 650 ml, the LED light will change from blue to red, reminding you to replenish the fountain. The built-in switch on the power cord allows you to turn on/off the lights at any time.
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